Turning back..

I love the scripture that states, “His mercy is new every morning”.  Tonight at 10:30 pm I am feeling a bit weary.  When I think back to 5:30 am this morning and the words of encouragement that came to me as I read the scriptures, it is hard to believe it is the same day.  By the end of a long day, so many things can distract and discourage you.  When I am feeling this way I immediately try and read, watch or listen to teachings to help get me back on track on a positive road.  It is amazing how powerful the affirmative words of scripture are to my spirit.  I often wonder how people survive without the personal knowledge I have that I can run to a God, who knows my every need, and I can be “real” with Him!  I am pretty sure people are not surviving and that is why everyone is so stressed.  The stress then causes friction in families, marriages and also people’s bodies in the form of sickness.  The “time is now” to turn back and learn from the past when life was more simple.  Whether we are speaking of the foods we put in our body, how we spend our time, the rest we obtain, we can all learn from the past.  Simple and Organic is the way to go!


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