Organic Food Priorities

Many of us are now buying organic foods.  The question is which foods are priority to buy organic?  Many people have told me that they always buy fruits and vegetables organic over meat and dairy.  I beg to differ that this may not be the best approach.  You need to understand that animals who are not grass fed and who do not feed on organic pastures are eating toxins over and over again and these toxins wind up in the meat and dairy end products, in much more volume, than when you eat a fruit or vegetable.  Of course, if you can eat all organic that is even better. Try to buy organic in bulk, like bags of apples instead of individual apples, sale organic foods, etc.  Make sure you see the USDA organic label on the products you are buying.  Many of the companies have been industrialized by large companies that have purchased mom and pop brands that we always found only in the health food store.  Yesterday while in the supermarket I could not believe how many brands gave the impression they were organic, however I could not find the USDA label.  The problem is you are paying much more money and not getting anything special. It is very deceiving out there since all these large companies have entered the scene.  Read your labels.   If you want more information on buying the best organic meat and dairy go to  The foods are delivered right to your door.


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