Feeling like you need a fast?

Well at the start of a new week, especially after Thanksgiving, we are all feeling like a little fasting is in order to restore our digestive tract. Fasting one day per week for health reasons is a good idea. You can even consider fasting breakfast and lunch and then at dinner eat something light such as fish and vegetables or just vegetables. Make sure you stay well hydrated all day by drinking plenty of high quality spring water. If once a week seems too drastic then start by fasting once a month and then build up to weekly. Your body will thank you!! Blessings, Pam




I thought no better time to begin my blog than the week of  Thanksgiving.  There is something so special about this holiday.  My husband and I ran in to an old friend at the supermarket and he was rejoicing over Thanksgiving since to him it was a simple and wonderful holiday.  He went on to comment on how Christmas was stressful and did not give him the same peace he experienced at Thanksgiving.

I believe the goodness we feel in the air at Thanksgiving is God’s joy shining down on us as we stop to appreciate all that we possess in our lives.  In my own life I work hard to try and be thankful everyday.  There is a supernatural peace that comes to you when you thank God continually.   When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I try and stop and say to myself, focus on what is right, not what is wrong and I shout out a thanksgiving prayer to God.   Immediately peace comes.

We all know how hard stress is on our body and our emotions, not to mention our cortisol levels rise,which is no good for our waistline.  Now that’s enough motivation for me right there!

The next time you want to scream, stop and get quiet and offer up a word of praise.  Watch how good you feel!

Peace, Pam

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