It’s Feeding Time!


In today’s world many of us are tuned in to what we eat and how we need to exercise.  Most of the motivation I hate to say is driven by our desire to lose weight.  The society we live in sends us unrealistic images that many of us try to live up to.  At 48 when I look in the mirror and see any belly fat, I think when am I ever going to sport that six pack!!!  Some of us also care about our overall health.  When you hit 40 reality kicks in even more and you realize that you are starting to age.  You can tell when you feed your body good food versus junk by your energy level and sometimes your mood.    Be intentional each day with your food & exercise choices.


Romans 12:2

“2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will”

The scriptures are clear that we are to renew our mind everyday.  Many of you have heard the term the battle is in the mind.  It is so very true.  Often when we think wrong thoughts and we have negative outcomes.  On the contrary when we set our mind on what is good and positive it changes our entire outlook.  I know for me I have to renew my mind each and every day. I often write down affirmations such as “Today is going to be a great day or Today I am going to eat good and health foods for my body”.  By writing these type of things down and reading them out loud each day I am renewing my mind.  Reading and meditating on a specific scripture verse, psalm or proverb also is so effective!


I mentioned mediation earlier.  I try and find quit time each morning and I read from my bible or an inspiring book.  I also spend time in prayer meditation, focusing on God’s greatness and goodness.  The results truly are supernatural.  It is the power of the written word along with the uplifting of God’s spirit when you come in to His presence.  Our spirit needs food just like our body.  

All three parts, the body, mind and spirit, need attention every single day.  Happy Feeding!!