Jordan Rubin shared his vision with me….

Several years ago I had the privilege of working with Jordan Rubin at the Garden of Life.  One day we were driving to a TV studio in southern Missouri when Jordan shared his vision in great detail with me about some day owning an organic farm for his family.  I remember thinking “this is some vision” and believed he would achieve his dream.   His passion and intentions were very specific and detailed. He had invested time in prayer and believed he had been given a mission.  Since that day Jordan’s vision has expanded way beyond his family and has has become a reality for others to Change their Diet, Change their Life and Change their World.  As a person who has been passionate about health and wellness since I was in my early twenties, I could not be more excited about the “virtual farmer’s market” that has just launched recently.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to present Beyond Organic products and help others achieve total health and wellness by providing a superior line of food, water and dairy products. At the same time BO provides a vehicle that gives people the opportunity to become financially independent.  

 In good health, Pam