Check the label twice…

I have been in the health and wellness market for over 25 years and most people I speak with when asked about organic foods tell me they “eat organic”. When you dig deeper I find most people really are a bit confused about the subject. One great resource for staying on top of the organic food industry is “The Cornucopia Institute”.  As stated on their website they are:

“Seeking economic justice for the family-scale farming community. Through research, advocacy, and economic development our goal is to empower farmers – partnered with consumers – in support of ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.”

Recently, they investigated the organic cereal industry and below is a scorecard, which I believe you will find useful.  I was buying what I thought was organic cereal, a brand I had been buying for years, however that was not the case.  I did not realize a large industrialized corporation had purchased the company and the ingredients were no longer organic and were not even GMO free.  I was paying a premium price and found out that I was not getting what I paid for.  It was an eye opener for me.  Take a look at the scorecard and make sure you are check the label twice.  I will have more to come on other foods in the near future.  For now, use this list to protect your family from harmful ingredients.

Bless you..Pam

The Cornucopia Institute